There are many reasons why you should consider eating pasture-raised chicken instead of conventionally raised chicken. Pasture-raised chicken is raised in a more natural and humane way, which not only benefits the welfare of the animals but also results in a healthier and tastier end product.  Thankfully, in the New Orleans metro area you have access to a local Louisiana farm that offers pasture raised chicken, Credo Farms, a local regenerative family farm.

Our pasture-raised chickens are raised on open pastures, where they are free to roam and forage for their food. This means that they have access to fresh grass, insects, and other natural food sources, which makes for a more varied and nutritious diet. As a result, their meat is richer in flavor, more tender, and packed with nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins.


pasture raised poultry

Another reason to consider pasture-raised chicken is that it is raised in a more humane way. Pasture-raised chickens are allowed to live in a more natural environment, where they can exhibit their natural behaviors such as scratching, pecking, and dust-bathing. They are not subjected to the stressful and cramped conditions of factory farms, which can lead to health problems and an increased risk of disease.

When you choose to eat pasture-raised chicken, you are supporting our local family farm that is committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Hopefully that helps you decide why you should consider eating pasture-raised chicken. From the superior flavor and nutritional value of the meat to the more humane and sustainable farming practices, it is clear that pasture-raised chicken is a healthier and more responsible choice.

So next time you're shopping for chicken, consider choosing Credo Farms pasture-raised poultry for a tastier and more nutritious meal.