There is great excitement when a local restaurant decides to support a local regenerative farm. For many people, this represents a shift in the way we think about food and the impact it has on our planet. Instead of relying on industrial agriculture practices that deplete the soil, pollute waterways, and harm the environment, regenerative farming practices work to rebuild soil health, promote biodiversity.

When a restaurant chooses to source its ingredients from a local regenerative farm, it sends a powerful message to its customers.  It shows that the restaurant cares about the quality of the food it serves.

Herbsaints support of Credo Farms -- a local Louisiana farm -- is a game-changer. It provides a stable market for their pasture-poultry chicken and helps to ensure their economic viability. By working with a Herbsaint, we are also able to share their knowledge and expertise with the community, helping to educate people about the benefits of regenerative farming practices.

Perhaps most importantly, the excitement of a Herbsaint supporting a local regenerative farm is the hope it represents. It represents a hope for a more sustainable food system, one that works to regenerate the soil and provide nutrients in the food that is produced.