Simple Slow Roasted Pastured Chicken ( In 5 SIMPLE steps)



• 2 whole organic pastured chickens (each about 5 lbs.)
• 4 carrots, coarsely chopped
• 1 large onion, coarsely chopped
• 10 red potatoes, large cubes
• 2 cups bone broth (white wine or water)
• 6 TBS grass-fed butter (or extra virgin coconut oil)
• Sea salt, pepper, garlic powder and thyme (or rosemary)

Preparing dinner….

1. Pre-heat oven to 275 degrees. Rinse the chicken & pat dry.
2. Put veggies in bottom of roasting pan(s) along with broth.
3. Place chicken BREAST DOWN in the pan on top veggies and roast at 250 degrees covered for 3 hours.
4. After 3 hours, turn HEAT UP to 375, flip chicken to BREAST UP, baste the skin and roast for another 45 minutes UNCOVERED until golden on top.
5. Let your chicken rest for a few minutes out of the oven before cutting. Enjoy deliciousness!!!

This was the most delicious chicken we have EVER had!!! Super moist and flavorful! We

Finished…. Yummy!

eat lots of pastured chicken around here. I think the biggest mistake I made in the past was over cooking it, which made the breast dry. Pastured chicken cooks differently. Always cook it LOW and SLOW!!!

Leftover ideas!

  • chicken salad
  • chicken and kale stew
  • chicken enchiladas ( a Giovelli favorite! )
  • taco chicken bowl

So yummy! and soooo healthy! What is your favorite pastured chicken meal? We would love to know!

Simple Roasted Pastured Chicken

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