Skittles for dinner!

Conventionally raised cattle have a pitiful diet: mostly GMO corn and soybeans. We’ve known that for years. What we didn’t know, until we saw this article, is that they also eat candy. (Link to Article) That’s right. Expired candy, which would otherwise be wasted in landfills, is given another purpose: cheap carbs for cows! What do cheap carbs do for animals? They make them fat. That pink marbled brick or tube of ground meat at the supermarket got that way because of cheap carbs. Lucky for our cows, they don’t even know that skittles exist. Their diet of grass is not chosen to make them fat: it’s designed to make them healthy. Their bodies are designed to turn grass, which is indigestible for humans, into high-quality, nutritious protein and fat. So we give them the highest quality grass we can by rotating the cows and the chickens through the pastures. Our rotation system is designed to let the ground recover from intensive grazing while it absorbs the manure left behind by the cows and chickens. As the animals move around the farm, they are always moving into a new, fresh pasture that has been resting and growing. The cows have learned that good things wait for them when it’s time to move pasture, and they go eagerly to seek out the freshest, greenest spots. It’s funny how we market our beef as “grass fed” but no one ever markets beef as “expired candy fed”. We’re proud of our grass.