Credo Farms Pasture Poultry Class

Credo Farms Pasture Poultry School

"From Small Spaces to Big Profits: Harness the Power of Pasture Poultry."

"Poultry farming isn't about vast land but vibrant methods. Maximize yield in compact spaces with the industry's top poultry practices." - Nick Giovelli

Core Principles:

  • Your farm's size isn't the limit; it's the opportunity.
  • Think SMALL, Act SMART, Be SPECIAL in Pasture Poultry.
  • Success isn't measured in acres but in the art of Pasture Poultry.

One-Day Workshop with the Giovelli Family

Discover the secrets of transforming your small acreage into a thriving pasture poultry business. Sign up now!

Date: October 21, 2023

Location: Amite, LA, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Course Breakdown:

  1. Introduction to Pasture Poultry: From Ideation to Implementation
  2. The Mobile Chicken Tractor: Maximizing Mobility and Efficiency
  3. Nutrition and Feeding: Ensuring Optimal Growth and Health
  4. The Brooder House: Fundamentals of Raising Chicks
  5. Transitioning to Pasture: When and How to Introduce Birds to Open Fields
  6. Processing: The Complete Guide
    • Deciding the Right Age for Processing
    • Essential Equipment for Efficient Processing
    • Hands-on Processing: A Practical Approach
    • Processing: For Personal Consumption or Business Expansion?

Poultry Farming Mastery:

  • Develop a tailored farming strategy.
  • Scale sustainably for enduring success.
  • Harness the power of community and collaboration.
  • Refocus and re-energize with a clear, actionable plan.
  • Navigate and bypass common pitfalls.
  • Safeguard yourself: emotionally and financially.
  • Strategically stack multiple enterprises.
  • Use efficient design techniques to beat mainstream agriculture myths.

The Story Behind Credo Farms:

Initiated as a humble home for the Giovelli family and 12 baby chicks, Credo Farms now stands as a beacon for premium pasture-raised, non-GMO chickens, serving New Orleans and beyond. With on-farm poultry processing approval, they've expanded their horizon, serving restaurants, grocery stores, and their local community.

Admission Details:

  • Tuition: $250 per person
  • Secure your spot with a $100 deposit. Click here to register!
  • "Embrace where you stand today; we'll guide you to where you want to be tomorrow." - Nick Giovelli
  • An enlightening experience awaits! Dive deep into pasture poultry knowledge with Nick and family.
  • Please Note: The tuition excludes accommodation and meal costs.

Refund Policy:

Cancellations with less than 14 days' notice will not be eligible for a refund.

Join us on this enlightening journey, and empower yourself with the art of pasture poultry farming.