Drought Impact & Our Response

Drought Impact & Our Response Drought Map

Impact of Extreme Heat on Our Farm

We're reaching out to keep you informed about the current drought situation and how it's affecting our operations at Credo Farms.

Current Drought Conditions

We are currently categorized under D2 (Severe Drought) by the US Drought Monitor. However, this data is not recent, and we believe our conditions lean closer to D3 (Extreme Drought) or possibly even D4 (Exceptional Drought).

The Effect on Cattle

Finding hay, a primary feed for our cattle, has become an arduous task. Its scarcity has driven up its price significantly. Additionally, stockyards are experiencing long lines of cattlemen looking to offload their cattle due to the prohibitive costs of hay and a drastic shortage of grazing grass.

The Effect on Poultry

Did you know poultry will not drink water that's too warm? When water temperatures rise beyond their comfort zone, it poses a significant risk to their health, potentially leading to fatalities.

Here are a couple of tips we've been following to ensure their well-being:

  • Constantly refilling water stations, ensuring it's fresh.
  • Regularly adding ice to the water throughout the day to keep it cooler than the ambient temperature.

Our Ongoing Efforts

We are tirelessly working to ensure our birds remain cool and hydrated, and our cattle well-fed. We're regularly refreshing water stations and introducing large blocks of ice to maintain a comfortable water temperature. We're grateful our water well remains functional. Additionally, we are in the process of relocating our cattle to a new pasture abundant with grass.

We sincerely appreciate your support and patience during these testing times. Rest assured, we remain committed to providing the best care for our livestock and ensuring you receive the best quality products.