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Credo Farms' Grass-Fed Chuck Roast – $11.75 per lb.

Delight in the hearty, comforting flavors of Credo Farms' Grass-Fed Chuck Roast, a staple that promises to transform your meals into a celebration of local Louisiana tradition. From our family to yours, we offer a cut that's perfect for slow-cooked dishes, delivering both exceptional taste and the rich, nutrient profile that only comes from grass-fed beef.

Product Details:

  • Pricing: Affordably priced at $11.75 per pound.
  • Average Weight: Each chuck roast ranges between 2 - 3 pounds, ideal for family dining.
  • Local, Regenerative Farming: Directly from Credo Farms' sustainable pastures in Louisiana to your kitchen.
  • 100% Grass-Fed Beef: Raised on a diet of lush, local grasses, resulting in a robust and wholesome flavor.
  • Family Farm Excellence: Our regenerative farming approach reflects our commitment to ecological stewardship and the welfare of our cattle.

Why Choose Our Chuck Roast?

  • Premium Quality: A Credo Farms' chuck roast means indulging in a cut that's rich in flavor and tenderness.
  • Sustainable Choice: At $11.75 per lb, not only are you getting premium beef, but you're also supporting sustainable farming practices.
  • Health Benefits: Packed with protein, essential nutrients, and a more favorable Omega fatty acid composition.
  • Local Louisiana Legacy: Choosing our chuck roast supports local farmers dedicated to preserving the culinary heritage of our great state.

Cooking Your Chuck Roast:

This cut shines when slow-cooked. Brown it to perfection, then let it simmer in a crockpot or dutch oven with your favorite vegetables and herbs. The result? A tender, fall-apart roast that's infused with the flavors of Louisiana.

Serving Inspiration:

Serve your Grass-Fed Chuck Roast with a side of creamy mashed potatoes, or for a true Louisiana twist, some Andouille sausage-laced red beans. It's not just a meal—it's an experience that brings Credo Farms' traditions to your table.

Secure Your Roast:

Ready for a taste of Credo Farms' best? Our Grass-Fed Chuck Roast, averaging between 2 - 3 pounds and priced at $11.75 per pound, is a testament to the quality and care we invest in our cattle. Embrace the goodness of a truly local, sustainable choice. Add this hearty cut to your cart and let us bring our farm's traditions to your culinary adventures.


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